Men's Socks

We stock only the best men's socks from great quality brands like Pringle and HJ Hall. There are certain parts of a gentleman's wardrobe which shouldn't be skimped on, socks and underwear definitely fall into this category. It's important to invest in good quality socks that will keep your feet dry and protected and feel soft against the delicate areas of your skin.

Socks Are The Perfect Gift For Men

A quality pair of socks can make a great present for men. The Bamboo range from Pringle boasts many benefits such as a natural antibacterial and moisture wicking properties. Whether you're looking for men's plain black work socks, funky stripes and spots, or a classic Argyle pattern, our socks box sets have something for every gentleman.

Diabetic Socks and Soft Top Socks For Men

Our selection of diabetic socks is the perfect solution if you have sensitive feet. The cotton blend material keeps your foot at a comfortable temperature and the cushioned sole material wicks and moisture away from your skin. The range of wool and cotton non-restrictive soft top socks are fantastic if you have problems with elasticated socks marking your ankles or causing issues with poor blood circulation.