Here at BloomsMenswear we have been making and tailoring garments for over 70 years. Made To Measure is the pinnacle of all the work we do. Nothing comes close to the possibilities that Made to Measure can offer. Whether it's that style or fabric you just can't find or that something special made just for you, we are here to help.
Tailoring with Technology
Bernhardt and BloomsMenswear have a fresh approach to tailoring, we believe that the customer should have control over the way that his garments are produced and the look that is created. Using the very latest computer-aided technology, we offer total freedom to create a style that is unique to the individual.
Made to Measure should be special and is all about choice, both in fabric and style features. We offer both in-house fabrics and partnerships with all the leading cloth suppliers. In addition, our in-house Tailors can add bespoke finishes to any garment.
Our state-of-the-art online order system means we can track your order at every stage of production. Once entered, the order is permanently stored and can be retrieved and used again in the future.


Do you make Ladies Suits?
Unfortunately not, however, we have tailored suits to fit off the peg countless times.

How long does it take to make a garment?
The average time from consultation to completion is around five to six weeks. However, there are express production options available.

How do I book an appointment?
You can contact us via email, telephone, or via Facebook & Instagram. 

How long is an appointment?
If you know the fabric and style it can take as little as 30 minutes, including measurements. For those new to made to measure we normally have a brief chat about the requirements then book an appointment. This for most customers is around 1 to 2 hours.

When do I pay?
Once the suit has been styled and measured, to send any order into production we require a minimum 20% deposit.

How much is a made-to-measure suit?
This can vary massively depending on what fabric is selected, production method, and bespoke options. We recommend giving the team a call or emailing us to discuss your individual requirements. 
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Where are the suits made?
The suits are cut and made in Bernhardt's state-of-the-art factory in Europe. They are then tailored in-house and any bespoke touches are added.

What is the difference between Made to Measure and Bespoke?
The main difference is the price. A fully Bespoke suit could be up to 10 times the cost of a made-to-measure. With our unique ability to add bespoke touches in house, there has yet to be a customer's request we haven't been able to satisfy.
Unlike bespoke garments, which traditionally involves hand sewing, made-to-measure manufacturers use both machine- and hand-sewing. Made-to-measure also requires fewer fittings than bespoke, resulting in a shorter wait between customer measurement and garment delivery.

What fabrics do you have?
We have over 10,000 fabrics to view in the showroom and many more available. We have fabrics from Reda, Alfred Brown, Zenga and Holland & Sherry, in stock at the factory and many more that we order directly.

Do you offer made-to-measure shirts?
Yes absolutely. The options are just as extensive as the suit ranges. Both in terms of styling and fabrics.